Liquid Aeration in Melbourne, Florida

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Liquid lawn aeration will help bring your lawn back to life!

This effective lawn care treatment offers the same benefits as core aeration without the need for a heavy aeration machine or the mess that core aeration work leaves behind.

Pearce Lawn Care is proud to offer liquid aeration as a compliment to your lawn care program. We use a high-quality liquid aeration product that has the same benefits as traditional core aeration without disrupting your lawn or leaving behind plugs of soil. The liquid solution penetrates the soil, breaking up compaction, and allowing for more air and water penetration. Grass roots then expand deeper into the soil creating a healthier, greener lawn.

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What is liquid aeration?

Liquid lawn aeration uses a wetting agent that contains humic acid which helps to alleviate soil compaction. Similar to a soil conditioner, liquid aeration penetrates deep into the root zone to break up compaction and allow more air and water to reach grass roots.

In coastal Florida, this treatment is great following our nitrogen blackouts. When accompanied by a regular lawn care program, our liquid aeration service will help your lawn recover from the hot summer months and green up faster.

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Benefits of Aeration for Your Lawn

Lawn aeration allows water, air, and fertilizer to penetrate all the way down to the root zone. This in turn supports root growth, by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating a more healthy and thicker lawn.

Lawn aeration reduces the chances of having thatch buildup. Thatch makes it harder for your lawn to absorb water and nutrients. It also makes it more susceptible to disease.

Reduces soil compaction, creating more channels for water, air, and nutrients to travel through. Just like humans, your lawn needs water, oxygen, and food to thrive.

Perfect for recovery from the hot, summer months we have here in Florida. Give your lawn the opportunity to green up quicker and continue to thrive throughout the year.

Liquid vs. Core Aeration

Liquid is a great alternative to mechanical aeration with benefits that can be just as effective. Homeowners do not need to take the time to mark their sprinkler systems or worry about damage to their lawn from the heavy equipment that traditional aeration solutions require.

Our skilled team applies the liquid aeration product using a hose-end sprayer similar to what we use for your lawn fertilization treatments and you are left with a newly aerated lawn in no time at all!

The humates and other beneficial enzymes and microbes penetrate and loosen up the soil structure, allowing your lawn’s root system to receive more air, water, and nutrients. Most homeowners see results within a month. However, depending on the current health of your lawn, and how compacted soil is, sometimes multiple treatments are required.

We highly recommend this service as a compliment to our full lawn care program. Pricing is based on the square feet of your lawn. Get a free quote today!

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