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core aeration for florida lawns

Core aeration can replenish and prepare your lawn for a successful summer season!

Recommended as an annual maintenance practice each spring, core aeration service provides valuable benefits for lawns by enhancing root growth to build stronger, deeper root systems.

Pearce Lawn Care is proud to introduce core aeration to their lawn care service options for Florida homeowners in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Core aeration for your lawn provides various benefits due to the removal of cores (plugs) from the soil. Aeration helps alleviate compaction by allowing the soil to expand and encouraging roots to spread into the newly created hollow cores. Improving lawn compaction and thatch build-up annually is crucial to enhancing the lawn’s ability to receive the vital nutrients it needs to thrive.  

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What is core aeration?

Core aeration is performed with an aeration machine that pulls small cores of soil from your lawn that are then deposited back on the lawn surface. The soil plugs naturally work their way back into the soilwhich adds additional benefits to your lawn’s health. The core removal creates openings in the soil to better receive water, air, nutrients, and sunlight, resulting in enhanced root growth and turf density.

Residential lawns often become compacted over time with general use, traffic, weather, and mowing, which is a key example of why core aeration is most beneficial when performed annually.  An added bonus, pairing aeration with your Pearce Lawn Care service makes everything we do even more efficient for your lawn’s overall health.

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Benefits of Core Aeration for Your Lawn

Aeration enhances your soil’s ability to absorb necessary nutrients, water, air, and sunlight deeper into the root systems. Healthy roots directly affect your lawn’s overall health and appearance.

Reducing thatch with core aeration promotes a healthier turf barrier, which acts as a protective layer for your lawn. A stronger turf barrier naturally improves a lawn’s ability to fight off unwanted weeds or diseases.

Core aeration acts as a breath of fresh air for your lawn. The hollow cores that are created allow carbon dioxide to leave the soil and much-needed oxygen to enter. The cores also reduce soil compaction and encourage roots to spread. 

Aeration also improves your lawn’s resiliency to bounce back from stress. Healthy, strong root systems improve heat stress tolerance, which is crucial for lawns to thrive in hot Florida weather. 

Core vs. Spike Aeration

While there are different types of aeration, core aeration serves a greater benefit for compacted lawns when compared to spike aeration. The removal of the soil cores loosens the soil and encourages roots to expand.

Our lawn care specialists will complete your core aeration during the spring when it serves the highest benefit to your lawn. Following your aeration, water and fertilizer will penetrate the soil more efficiently, resulting in better long-term improvement than you would see from spike aeration.

Core aeration will also leave soil plugs on the lawn surface. Homeowners don’t need to worry about removing these because they add additional nutrients back into the lawn. The cores contain soil microorganisms that help break down thatch and will be deposited into the lawn as they naturally degrade.

To see the best results from your lawn aeration, we recommend annually, alongside a Pearce Lawn Care program. Pricing is based on the square feet of your lawn. Contact us today for a quick quote!

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