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Flea and Tick Treatment and Lawn Pest Control in Kissimmee, Fl  

Pearce lawn care offers premium pest control programs to protect your lawn and landscape from unwanted insects.   

Take back your space with our pest control services. Whether you’re dealing with a pesky flea and tick invasion or cinch bugs damaging your lawn, we can help! Located in Melbourne, Pearce Lawn Care was established in 1994 and has years of experience servicing homeowners in Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, and other Central Florida areas. Hot summer days in Florida are meant to be spent outside and lawn pests can get in the way of that. Take the hassle out of your lawn care by choosing Pearce treatment plans to protect your lawn and landscape. Get a quick, free quote online today! 


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The Best Pest Control Services for Central and Coastal Florida Lawns  

Dealing with a pest infestation on your lawn is a headache for any homeowner. Lawn-damaging insects and pests come from a variety of environmental factors so it’s hard to have a completely pest-free lawn. With our pest control services at Pearce, you can spend more time making memories on your lawn with friends and family. We understand that a beautiful lawn and landscape come at a high cost and Pearce Lawn Care is committed to helping protect that investment. We’ll develop personalized pest management treatments for your lawn’s specific needs. Contact us today for a free quote and lawn inspection!  

Additional Services

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Weed Control

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Tree and Shrub Spray and Fertilization

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Lawn Spraying and Fertilization

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Lawn Pest Control

*Pearce Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing services, landscape design, hardscaping, mulch, leaf removal, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, land clearing, irrigation system, pressure washing, or sprinkler repair.

Kissimmee Pest Control to Bring Homeowners Peace of Mind  

Residents in Kissimmee looking for local pest control treatments can rely on Pearce Lawn Care. Our affordable pest control solutions are built to stop unwanted critters in their tracks! After putting in all the work that comes with mowing and lawn fertilization, invasive insects can infest your lawn and damage the turf. Curative pest treatments are crucial to protecting your landscape and promoting a beautiful, green lawn. Our pest control sprays target common lawn-damaging or invasive pests including:   

  • Chinch bugs – Chinch bugs cause yellowing in your lawn as they feed on the plant during warm season months.  
  • Fleas and Ticks – Flea and tick infestations can come from anywhere! Treating fleas or ticks on your lawn can be crucial to making sure your pets are protected. We don’t recommend flea and tick pest services as a replacement for your pet’s care. Lawn pest treatment can be a layer of added protection for your home and family.  
  • Grubs – Grubs are commonly active in spring or fall. They feed on the most important part of your lawn, the root systems!  
  • Armyworms – Armyworms feed on grass blades and they work fast. They travel through lawns during late summer and early fall, feeding on everything in their path.  
  • Sod Webworms – Sod webworms can invade your lawn during summer months, leaving behind an eyesore of brown patches in your grass.  
  • Fire Ants – Fire ants are a nuisance for you and your family. No homeowner wants to worry about an ant infestation on their lawn. You won’t have to worry with Pearce Lawn Care’s fire ant control treatments.   
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Professional Pest Control Near Kissimmee

Pearce is a trusted, local provider for Central Florida pest control needs. 

In our years of experience in lawn care and pest services, we’ve developed personalized treatment plans to help keep lawn pests at bay. If you’re dealing with a pest problem at your Kissimmee home, contact us for a free inspection of your lawn. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your lawn and landscape to come up with the best plan to fit your specific needs. Pearce Lawn Care is proud to provide premier pest management to Kissimmee and surrounding areas; helping Florida homeowners reclaim their space from unwelcome critters since 1994! 

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