Liquid Aeration in Kissimmee, Florida

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Looking for Liquid Aeration Service near Kissimmee?   

Pearce Lawn Care, servicing areas of central and coastal Florida, offers liquid aeration treatments to boost your lawn’s health and appearance.   

Liquid aeration offers valuable benefits to Florida lawns that have become brittle or worn down after seasons of hot summers and outdoor gatherings! Pearce Lawn Care has been proudly serving Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and surrounding communities since 1994. Our focus on lawn health above and below the soil is the game-changing difference you’ll find with our premium lawn care services. From liquid aeration to fertilization and weed control services, your lawn and landscape will thank you for choosing us!   


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What does Liquid Aeration do?   

Lawn aeration offers your lawn a breath of fresh air by opening an air exchange in the soil. Aeration alleviates compaction, and thatch build-up, and promotes a thicker, stronger turf density that will result in a lush, healthy lawn in the summer. Liquid lawn aeration is a process that uses a wetting agent to penetrate your lawn’s soil to break up compaction and encourages deeper root growth. Aeration also allows more necessary nutrients like fertilizer, water, oxygen, and sunlight to reach the roots. Pearce Lawn Care is happy to provide this annual maintenance treatment to their customers in Kissimmee, Fl, and beyond!   

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*Pearce Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing services, landscape design, hardscaping, mulch, leaf removal, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, land clearing, irrigation system, pressure washing, or sprinkler repair.

Professional and High-Quality Liquid Aeration in Kissimmee

When you receive a liquid lawn aeration with Pearce, our team will apply the liquid agent using a hose sprayer. With liquid aeration, homeowners don’t have to worry about marking any sprinkler heads due to the lack of heavy machinery. For Florida lawns especially, we recommend pairing your spring aeration with a Pearce Lawn Care program to see the highest benefit. Our liquid aeration product contains beneficial enzymes, humates, and microbes that break up the soil to open new air space in your soil. This process allows vital nutrients to reach the most important part of your lawn’s structure: the roots! Typically, you can expect to see results 30-45 days after liquid aeration. For lawns that struggle with severe compaction, drainage issues, or other environmental conditions, the visible results may be more long-term. The Pearce Lawn Care team has years of experience in providing liquid aeration and we’re happy to educate you on how to achieve the best results possible. Our team is available to answer any of your questions or offer you a free quote. Contact us today!   

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What are the Benefits of Liquid Aeration for Your Kissimmee Lawn?   

Kissimmee lawns in need of aeration typically show signs of thinning or weakness. This is common year after year with regular mowing, hot weather, and outdoor activities on the lawn. That’s a key reason why it’s recommended by lawn care professionals to perform aeration on your lawn each spring. Reduced thatch build-up and compaction in the soil is a great benefit to liquid aeration. This allows the soil to better absorb and use the valuable nutrients it needs to thrive. Additionally, the reduced compaction gives the lawn roots room to expand and grow deeper resulting in stronger root systems. Healthy root systems have a domino effect on the overall health and appearance of your lawn. When you receive liquid aeration with Pearce, you’ll be rewarded with a greener, healthier lawn. Our pricing is dependent on the square footage of your lawn. Call us today for a quote!  

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