Weed Control for Central Florida Lawns  

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Lawn Weed Control for a Beautiful, Healthy Florida Lawn  

Say goodbye to crabgrass and common broadleaf weeds with Pearce Lawn Care! 

Looking for weed control in Melbourne, Kissimmee, Palm Bay, and surrounding areas? The team at Pearce Lawn Care is here to help! Since 1994, we’ve provided top-quality lawn service to Central Florida homeowners. Our lawn care programs include extensive weed control and lawn fertilization to sustain a healthy, green Florida lawn all year round. There are so many different types of weeds and sometimes it feels like new weeds are sprouting overnight! Take the hassle out of your lawn care and choose the professionals at Pearce. Contact us today for a free quote for lawn weed control.  

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The Best Weed Control Services in the Melbourne, Fl Area 

Pearce Lawn Care uses only the highest-quality herbicides for fast-acting lawn weed control to address broadleaf and grassy weeds. 

The secret to the best weed control for your lawn, flower beds, and landscaping starts with a weed preventer. That’s where pre-emergent herbicides come into play! Seasonal pre-emergent treatments are used to prevent weed seed germination beneath the soil. Our lawn care programs at Pearce include these seasonal herbicides to prevent common weeds like crabgrass, chickweed, foxtail, and more. But it doesn’t stop there! Some weeds, such as nutsedge, can’t be prevented with pre-emergents. That’s why post-emergent weed control is crucial to address any actively growing weeds throughout the lawn. Weed control with Pearce Lawn Care is just one part of our comprehensive lawn care services 

Weed Control FAQs for Florida Homeowners 

How do I permanently get rid of weeds in my lawn?  

Unfortunately, permanent removal of weeds in your lawn just isn’t possible. Just like your lawn, weeds are living plant systems that grow naturally. That’s why Pearce Lawn Care includes service calls with any program. We’re always happy to come back out to address any areas of the lawn that need additional attention. The best thing a homeowner can do to thoroughly control weeds is to never miss a pre-emergent application and continue a regular weed control program throughout the year.  

What is the best weed killer that won’t harm my grass?  

The risk that comes with DIY weed control is the possibility of damaging your lawn in the process. Product labels can be confusing and it’s crucial to know the difference between a selective and non-selective herbicide. At Pearce, we only use selective herbicides that are designed to only target the weed, leaving your grass safe from harm.  

How can I kill weeds in my new sod?  

New sod should not receive any weed control until it’s fully established and rooted into the soil. Because weed control is designed to stop growth, it can hinder a new lawn’s root system if applied too soon. The first year with a new sod lawn may be an uphill battle when it comes to controlling weeds, but the patience will pay off when you can finally enjoy your lush, healthy lawn.  

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*Pearce Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing services, leaf removal, lawn maintenance, cleanups, tree service, tree removal, stump grinding, irrigation system, or sprinkler repair.

A Local Lawn Care Company You Can Trust  

Established in 1994, Pearce Lawn Care is the top choice for Florida residents near Melbourne, Palm Bay, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and surrounding areas.

We offer comprehensive lawn care programs, aeration services, lawn pest control, and more! At Pearce, we aren’t happy unless you are, which is why our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We are locally operated and believe in taking a personalized approach to our lawn care service. After each visit, you’ll receive a detailed summary of your application, with notes from your lawn specialists specific to the conditions of your property. If you want to skip the hassle this summer, contact us today for a free quote for lawn care services at your Florida home! 

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