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Looking for top-rated lawn care in Kissimmee, Fl?  

Since 1994, Pearce Lawn Care has been a trusted lawn care provider to Kissimmee and surrounding communities.   

Pearce Lawn Care is a local lawn care company proudly serving Central Florida homeowners. With years of experience and teams of skilled lawn care specialists, Pearce is here to help. We offer monthly lawn care treatments that are designed to build a lush, healthy lawn. With our weed control and fertilization services, you’ll have a lawn you’re happy to call home! Whether you’re looking for lawn maintenance, aeration, or pest control, you can contact us today for your lawn and landscape needs.   


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Get a Lush Florida Lawn in Kissimmee

Pearce offers affordable lawn care services to enhance the health of your lawn and landscaping throughout hot Florida summers.  

For homeowners looking to boost their curb appeal, Pearce Lawn Care is proud to provide extensive fertilization programs that are developed specifically with Florida grass types in mind. Our lawn care programs include monthly treatments of fertilization, pre-emergents, weed control, and additional nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. We take a personalized approach to your lawn treatments. Our lawn care professionals are happy to share their knowledge and advice for all your lawn needs. If your lawn looks like it needs some assistance, contact us today for a quote. We offer free lawn consultations to find the plan that best fits your lawn care goals.  

Additional Services

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Weed Control

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Tree and Shrub Spray and Fertilization

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Lawn Spraying and Fertilization

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Lawn Pest Control

*Pearce Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing services, landscape design, hardscaping, mulch, leaf removal, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, land clearing, irrigation system, pressure washing, or sprinkler repair.

Lawn Care Programs Built to Fit Your Specific Goals 

We understand all lawns are different, which is why our maintenance services are tailored to the specific needs of your property. With 3 lawn care programs available, our customers find themselves “Happy, Happier, and Happiest” with our customized options. You can rest assured that Kissimmee lawns are safe in the hands of the Pearce Lawn Care team. 

  • Our base “Happy” program is a great fit for the DIY homeowner who needs some support throughout the year, including 5 treatments annually of pre-emergents, fertilization, and weed control.   
  • Our “Happier” program provides all the essential lawn care treatments you’ll need in 7 applications a year. The Happier program includes everything in our base plan plus sedge control, a potassium application, limestone, and free service calls upon request.   
  • Saving the best for last, our “Happiest” program covers all your lawn’s needs with added protection! This premium program of 10 applications annually includes everything in our Happier program with the addition of fungicide treatments and a grub control visit for no additional cost. Florida’s weather and environmental conditions can make lawns more susceptible to insects or diseases. The premium additions of our Happiest program are a great way to protect your investment to make sure your lawn is thriving.   

Our lawn care pricing is based on your lawn’s square footage. Contact us today for a quick and easy quote from a member of our team. Regardless of which lawn care plan is the best fit for you, Pearce Lawn Care will do an excellent job of making sure you and your lawn are happy all year long! 

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We Aren’t Happy Unless You Are

Our top priority is to provide Kissimmee residents with professional lawn care and top-notch customer service.  

In our years of experience servicing homeowners in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Melbourne, and the surrounding communities, Pearce has always held a strong focus on our standard of service and relationship with our clients. We believe in building a lawn care partnership and look forward to working with you to sustain a healthy lawn. If you’re looking for the best lawn care service, look no further than Pearce Lawn Care!  

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