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What to Do About Mushrooms in Your Florida Lawn

Mushrooms in Your Florida Lawn: Good or Bad? It’s not uncommon for a Florida homeowner to notice small, white-capped mushrooms appear on the lawn. Sometimes, it can feel like they pop up overnight. At first sight, most would consider mushrooms in the lawn a cause for concern. But are mushrooms bad for your lawn? Causes…

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Fall Lawn Aeration in Florida

Does my Florida Lawn Need Aeration in the Fall?   Florida is known for its sunny days and hot summers. And Florida grass types are built for that climate. Warm-season grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia are the best types of grass for Florida lawns. But one major key to keeping a beautiful lawn in…

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3 Tips to Prepare for Mosquito Season in Central Florida

As the temperatures outside rise, so does mosquito activity! Mosquitoes are a common nuisance for Coastal and Central Florida residents and keeping them out of your lawn and landscape can be difficult depending on where you live. In order to keep mosquitoes at bay, it’s important to know what attracts them in the first place and what mosquito control efforts will work best for your Florida home.  

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Central Florida Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for Summer

Making sure your lawn is prepared to thrive and survive Florida heat is a top priority for many homeowners near Kissimmee and surrounding areas. There are many things your lawn needs before summer kicks into high gear. From fertilization and preventative weed control to mowing and watering, we’ve compiled some of our top lawn care tips for making sure your lawn is set up for success. 

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3 Common Florida Lawn Pests

A lawn is a place to relax for some, a point of pride for others, and a space to make memories with friends and family for many. For many insects and pests, your lawn is a place to eat! There are various insects that may enter your lawn and may do a good bit of damage before they leave. When you suspect a turf-damaging insect is present, it’s important to know what to look for! 

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How to Properly Care for Your Central Florida Palm Trees

There are various sizes and species of palm trees that can be planted throughout the state of Florida. In order to have healthy, beautiful palm trees decorating your lawn and landscape, homeowners should learn which type of tree is the best fit and how to properly care for their Florida palms.  

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4 Steps to a Lush Florida Lawn

A lush lawn needs nutrients, the right amount of sunlight, good soil conditions, regular mowing, and much more. Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be a feat but we have 4 important tips to ensure your lawn has a successful growing season in Florida.

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How to Identify Disease in Your Florida Lawn

There are various common lawn diseases to look out for in your Florida lawn. Due to the unique climate and weather conditions in Coastal and Central Florida, lawns may be susceptible to damaging diseases that require fungicide treatments.

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